Our Technology

Seegene developed innovative multiple target amplification technology. It provides individual Ct values for multiple targets and enables confirmation of multiple (five or more) targets for genetic detection and genetic variation.

Seegene’s molecular diagnosis lets us identify precisely where the enemy is hiding. This technology amplifies DNA by over a billion times and identifies viruses no matter how few in number.

Multiple viruses may attack at once – some with unexpected mutations. But if molecular diagnosis becomes the new norm in our daily lives, viruses will never defeat humans.


Dual Priming Oligonucleotide

Innovative multiple targets amplification technology that enhances target specificity and minimizes the non-specific amplification commonly occurred in multiplex PCR. DPO™ technology redefines high multiplex PCR by enabling to detect “many targets in a single tube” and is well-suited for high multiplex real-time PCR technology.


Tagging Oligonucleotide Cleavage and Extension

Very elegant oligonucleotide chemistry solution for the homogenous high multiplex real-time PCR. TOCE™ technology overcomes the current technical limitations of target-based probe real-time PCR technology and fully exploits the potential of real-time PCR in high multiplex analysis, through unique signal generation & melting temperature analysis by novel components. TOCE™ technology enables the detection and differentiation of multiple targets in a single tube and also can provide quantitative results by cyclic-CMTA analysis.


Multiple Detection Temperatures

Novel analytical real-time PCR technology, which enables us to detect multiple targets with individual Ct value in a single channel without melting curve analysis.

By utilizing a change of the fluorescence signals between two different detection temperatures, MuDT™ enables us to provide “Real” Ct value of each pathogen even in co-infected cases. MuDT™ technology, combined with DPO™ & TOCE™, enhances the potential to deliver more comprehensive and actionable diagnostics, leading to improved patient care and reduced healthcare costs.